The TEEME governance structure will comprise a Management Board, an Advisory Board, and an Academic Board of Studies, each with written terms of reference (see Annex 3 of the Consortium Agreement).

The Management Board will consist of one senior member of each partner institution, representing the Head of their institution, and will be chaired by one of its members. It will meet twice a year to oversee all aspects of delivery of the programme; monitor progress against targets; approve reports to the European Commission; make strategic long-term decisions on the programme of study; receive and consider input from associated members; and act as first level of arbitration in disputes (if any) among partners.

The Advisory Board will meet once a year and comprise one external member, four representatives of the placement-offering institutions (one from each country), the Chair of the Academic Board of Studies, one student representative, and, after year three, one alumnus.

The Academic Board of Studies will comprise academic leads from each institution and one student representative. Both the Advisory and the Academic Boards will report once a year to the Management Board on the basis of formal evaluations and feedback received from students and academic staff on the programme.

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