Laila Hashem Abdel-Rahman


I came to TEEME with a BA in English language and literature from Sohag University, an Msc in Instructional Technology from Georgia State University, and an Mphil in Linguistics from Cairo University. I have been an assistant lecturer of Linguistics at Taiba University, KSA and Sohag University, Egypt for 6 years.

My PhD research project focuses on Early Modern Travel Texts. I intend to use linguistic theories (text linguistics, rhetorical and critical discourse analysis) to find out how early modern Arabic and English travel discourse may have brought about the construction of Otherness and how this informs the encounter between the East and the West in the Early Modern period.

Broadly speaking, my research interests include critical discourse analysis, the ‘clash of civilizations’, the production of cultural stereotypes and the development of national identities in the Early Modern Period.